About the Firm

It is difficult within a few sentences for anyone or any firm to absolutely define themselves as to what they do best and how they may stand out from the crowd.  We have been fortunate to serve a client base for more than 15 years that continues to ask us for assistance and, in turn, recommends us to their peers.  Those clients and members of their design and construction teams have, in effect, defined us and determined that we best fulfill their ongoing needs and expectations. We appreciate their ongoing support, and hope that their continued use of our services speaks to the valued relationship we have formed in our work and work ethic.

Most of our work volume is for these repeat clients and we continue to gradually grow our portfolio through that work and their referrals.  We are defined by those clients and how we serve them:

  • Our typical client is an institution, governmental agency, or private development group.
  • Most of our clients are non-profit organizations looking for quality and value in both design and construction.
  • Our clients appreciate a stress-free and collaborative work process amongst client, design team, and contractors to achieve their goals.
  • They appreciate a mutual respect for everyone’s time and participation in the process.
  •  They want an architect who will genuinely listen to their needs and objectives and pay attention to the details.
  • They want someone who can bring related experience and perspective to their project.

What we advocate:

  • Healthy and pleasant working environments
  • Energy efficient building envelopes and systems
  • A concern for environmental impact
  • Material selections and assemblies that will deliver long and trouble-free service
  • Concise construction documents and specifications
  • Buildings that we can all be proud of
  • A satisfied client and user group.